Using Tiled With Monogame

Hello all,

I am currently trying to code up a tilemap engine for Monogame and have recently discovered that Monogame has an extended library that supports TMX files. Has anyone used this for their game? And if not, would coming up with a custom XML reader for custom map files (or maybe a custom reader for TMX files) be something worth looking into? I’m fairly new to reading XML files so any help or point towards good tutorials is incredibly appreciated thank you!

I don’t use Tiled. I’ve looked at it and decided that a custom editor is best for me. The reason is that while Tiled generates great maps but I include more than tiles in my map and I would have to use two editors. So, I created a custom map format and an editor for creating maps. I then serialize my levels using the intermediate serializer. It works great for me but others have had problems with it.