Using Visual Studio 2015 for the first time.

Hello everyone, I’m from Brazil and I’m in second year of computer engineering. As my course still doesn’t have focus on game programming, I’ve decided to learn by my own using this:

So, I’ve updated my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, downloaded Visual Studio 2015 Community and MonoGame 3.4. My first problem was that the template used (MonoGame Windows Phone) was not in File>New>Project>MonoGame.

I thought the problem was the lack of SDK and did this:

  1. Downloaded Windows 10 SDK
  2. Downloaded Windows Universal Templates (in File>New>Projects>Windows>Universal)
  3. Downloaded Visual Studio 2015 with Windows developer tools
  4. Read Guide to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

I was wrong and have not a clue about what to do. So, I’ve spent the night reading forums. Somebody at somewhere told that I should use MonoGame Windows 10 UAP but a wild problem appeared: impossible to create app project and asking to update the project files.

Again, somebody at somewhere (I think it was here) told that I should do this:

  1. Create a Windows UAP App Blank
  2. Create a MonoGame Windows 10 UAP
  3. In File Explorer, copy all the files inside the MonoGame Project folder and paste to Windows UAP App Blank folder (overwrite and delete unnecessary files)

I’ve done the copy/paste thing without knowing which ones I should do that.

  • Debug: 21 Errors

My nights reading forums show me that was missing Reference: In Solution Explore, Add-Reference>Browse>C:\Users(yourUser).nuget\packages\MonoGame.Framework.WindowsUAP\\lib\netcore\MonoGame.Framework>Select All Files

  • Debug: 2 Errors

This errors was solved by ByteCaptain

  • Debug: 0 Errors

After all my days trying to figure out what were wrong and why:
First question: Which files I should overwrite, copy/paste, and delete? (About the creation of two projects)
Second (and Third) question: Have I done something wrong? There is a another (easy) way to create the MonoGame Template for Windows? (Without creating two projects and doing what I’ve said above and some steps like the Add-Reference or the thing the Captain said).

Thank you for your patience and sorry, my english and understanding about Visual Studio and MonoGame isn’t good but my desire to learn it is.

If I recall when I did something similar to this just to see if it works, I ended up creating the Monogame app and the Windows 10 universal app. The Monogame app was giving errors about the project file so I opened the project files in a text editor and changed the values manually in the Monogame project file to what they were in the Windows 10 UAP project file.

That being said, once you’ve done this you can save a copy of that folder as your starting project and go from there rather than having to redo your work each time.

As for 2, I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, it’s just the nature of getting both a new version of VS and a new version of Windows, it will take time for them to get it all set up.

For 3, they should be updating the templates at some point so that they will work without having to do project file manipulation.

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I just install VS 2015 Community and then download MonoGame for Visual Studio

On a blank MonoGame Universal Windows I have several error about corlib assembly

My solution was to reinstall MonoGame.Framework.WindowsUAP nuget package

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