Using XNA 3.0 resources to learn MonoGame

I’m more than a little past the “beginner” phase with my understanding of MonoGame (I’ve made a handful of small things) but I still have a ways to go to gain proficiency and mastery with it. To get there I want to be as thorough as I can get with going through all the resources I can find on it to figure out different ways of doing things. I’m aware that XNA 4 resources are are fine, however, I came across this book online that uses XNA 3.0:

Is the contents of that book, or any learning resource of XNA 3.0 or earlier, be no trouble for learning MonoGame or is XNA 4 the only reliable iteration of it which has information that is helpful?

It would probably mostly be applicable but quite a bit changed from 3.0 to 4.0 enough major and subtle but important stuff. That i would not recommend using a 3.0 book that will cause a real headache later, since you probably have a choice.

Not to mention there are enough monogame specific quirks due to its cross platform ability as well as stuff that has changed aka fixed added or improved in monogame from 4.0, that … if you can find a monogame specific book so much the better.

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I wouldn’t bother. Get this book. It was just released. I have it on my Kindle. My favourite aspect of this book is that the authors expound on the proper architecture of a game.

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