UWP app keeps failing the Direct3D Feature Test by the Certification Tool

My app keeps failing the Direct3D Feature Test by the local Windows Store Certification Tool that came with Visual Studio 2015 Community. Below is the error message:

Direct3D feature level support
Error Found: The Direct3D feature level support test detected the following errors:
Application App was not running at the end of the test. It likely crashed or was terminated for having become unresponsive.
Impact if not fixed: Windows Store requires all applications using Direct3D to render properly on feature level 9_1. See the following link for more information:

But the problem is that my app is a 2D game and doesn’t even use any Direct3D features (I even turned off all custom shaders). Anyone has any clue why this is happening?

2D is simply 3D with an orthographic projection instead of a perspective projection. They all go through the same rendering path.

Thanks for your answer @KonajuGames! Does that mean it is MG itself that doesn’t support Direct3D level 9_1?

We do support Level_9_1, as seen in GraphicsDevice.DirectX.cs, and many games have been published on the Windows Store. As to what might be causing this, it’s hard to tell. The restrictions imposed by lower feature levels can be found on MSDN. You need to test on the lower feature levels by using the DirectX Control Panel to force a feature level, as shown here.

Thanks very much @KonajuGames! I’ll follow those posts and try to fix the erroes! :smiley:

Keen to hear if you had any luck, I seem to be getting the same failure when running WACK!

@marksarcade I’ll let you know if I solved this issue haha!

@KonajuGames I wonder if there is a way to get the highest supported D3D feature level on the device the app is running on during runtime? I want to use that info to turn on/off certain features. Thanks very much! :slightly_smiling: