UWP Title Bars and Start Bar Triggers

Hi all,

So I converted a win32 game to a win UWP got everything converted and running correctly except for one very annoying detail. If I roll the mouse up and up and up, it triggers the games title bar, and yep you guessed it if I go down and down up pops the start bar, I’ve got everything set to full screen as you would with a regular win32 app, so the question;
Is there a way to stop those bars from activating?
additional, my mouse routine uses delta’s to place my game cursor really didn’t want to re-write those again but I will if I have too.

Thanks peeps

Never mind I figured it out,
add an event:-

Windows.Devices.Input.MouseDevice.GetForCurrentView().MouseMoved += MouseController;


  • Function Name : MouseController
  • Description : event setup by the constructor
  • ******************************************************************************************/
    private void MouseController(Windows.Devices.Input.MouseDevice sender, Windows.Devices.Input.MouseEventArgs args)
    outputPos.X += args.MouseDelta.X;
    outputPos.Y += args.MouseDelta.Y;
    if (outputPos.X <= boundry.X) outputPos.X = boundry.X;
    if (outputPos.Y <= boundry.Y) outputPos.Y = boundry.Y;
    if (outputPos.X >= boundry.X + boundry.Width) outputPos.X = boundry.X + boundry.Width;
    if (outputPos.Y >= boundry.Y + boundry.Height) outputPos.Y = boundry.Y + boundry.Height;


Are you still using Windows 8?

Not using Windows 8, using the latest and greatest version of 10 and has monogame written all over it, full blast game was win32 converted it to UWP, no problems but basically need to kill the hardware cursor, as shown above what I’ve done dose that. I’ll release the source code of the game to Monogame once it’s published so everyone can see

Ah ok, misread it… cool :+1: