UWP windows phones and fullscreen Problems

windows 10, VS2017 latest MG dev build 3.6+

have written a UWP game ready for the store, everything is good except running it on a phone, all the emulators produce one of the two following screenshots

the first won’t display full screen, the second moves my window to the right.

Heres the code:

  width = 1600; // Windows
  height = 900;

  Constants.mainVirtualWidth = width;
  Constants.mainVirtualHeight = height;
  Game1.graphicsDM.PreferredBackBufferWidth = width;
  Game1.graphicsDM.PreferredBackBufferHeight = height;
  Game1.graphicsDM.SupportedOrientations = DisplayOrientation.LandscapeLeft | DisplayOrientation.LandscapeRight;
  Game1.graphicsDM.SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = true;

  ApplicationView.PreferredLaunchViewSize = new Windows.Foundation.Size(width, height);
  ApplicationView.PreferredLaunchWindowingMode = ApplicationViewWindowingMode.PreferredLaunchViewSize;
  var view = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView();
  bFullScreen = false;
  ApplicationView.PreferredLaunchWindowingMode = ApplicationViewWindowingMode.FullScreen;
  bFullScreen = true;
  Game1.graphicsDM.IsFullScreen = bFullScreen;

It’s the same code for both screen shots, run it from VS I get screen shot 1, run it from inside the emulator and I get screen shot 2, ANY help would be appreciated, it’s bugging me A LOT and could really use some help, runs fine on a desktop and Xbox just these damn mobiles!

Thanks in Advance, oh fyi, it’s got MonoGame written all over it!

Stop developing for Windows Phone, and focus on UWP as the next generation of Windows phones will use those.