VB and iOS

Hi folks.

I will admit straight away I don’t know much about development for phones and tablets, I get the general idea, but I’ve not researched a great deal. However, I don’t think google-researching will answer the question I have.

I understand using Visual Studio it’s now possible to write apps for android and iPhone, Cool! But you have to write code using c#.

This is the bit I don’t understand; c# and VB code get sent through the same compiler to create the .net code which is used with the framework to send your application to screen. (I’m missing out a few steps)

So, why can’t I use VB to write my apps? Where does the limitation start and why? Does the problem lie with Xamarin?

After speaking to a couple of people here and making a bit of a fuss I hope there will be a VB template included in the next Monogame release, which is great for people wanting to write Windows games. I would love to write some mobile apps and have some fun ideas, but I’m limited to VB.

Please don’t respond with ‘Learn c#’, because that’s not a solution. And it’s not possible.


VB works just fine cross platform, Using Direct MonoGame code will work fine on tablet/mobile platforms with VB as the C# handles the backend that Xamarin needs for cross platform compatibility.

The problems you may encounter with VB is certain .net framework versions lack VB support, some are there but will frequently crash with Xamarin/MonoDevelop(saying the .net version doesnt exist) cause the installation process seems to forget to grab versions it even lists… and you will not be able to use the Xamarin Forms editor for tablet/mobile devices.

As far as templates go, I converted the 3.5 templates to VB.net the only issue is i have no way to test them myself… This only goes to say that it should work as the code is literal translation however because of some differences in the /[tag] usage a little of it may or may not be correct in my translation(meening simple tweaks could fix it) and it should have no problem running.