VB.NET Support with 2019 Templates

Hey all,

Is there any hope of us VB devs getting a clean, intuitive set of project templates for VS 2019 - NuGet or otherwise?

As it stands, I’m always out of luck with MonoGame. There have been messy side-by-side 2017/2019 installs and workaround compiles, but it would sure be nice to have that good ol’ “Install - Fire it up - New Project - Yay! There’s that beautiful CornflowerBlue rectangle! Let’s code!” feel.

It’s 2020 - can’t we abandon this ages old mindset of “workarounds”? That would be ultra rad.


I am most excited to say that I stumbled across an old VB.NET boilerplate project that I had upgraded from my old XNA project and launched it in VB 2019!

At first everything looked liked errors, so I changed the target framework of the 2 projects to 4.7.2, then did a quick Clean & Rebuild on the solution.

Had one more error in my companion DLL project because it auto-detected the MG 3.7.1 libraries and KeyboardInput.vb was in both namespaces. I just changed the class name in my DLL to KAInput and it compiled.

Sent a KeyPress into a message box and - POOF - SUCCESS!

No idea how stable this will be, but so far, other than simply compiling, it’s running the spritebatch, a bitmap spritefont (FPS counter), and detecting inputs. I’ll call that a win! :slight_smile:

Ran the old project content through the new content pipeline tool, rebuilt successfully, then tested a music file at runtime - SUCCESS!

This is looking encouraging, so far. Vsync is looking a little “off” though. Always used to settle in at 60FPS, but is setting at 40FPS. It could be this antique laptop and weak Intel GPU, but FPS is between 600-1100 with Vsync disabled.

Need to button up and preserve this base project, but I want to try loading a tilemap (yes, I love classic jRPGs) and maybe try to relearn everything with screen management and whatnot.

ScreenLoad() is working… Sound… Graphics… Mouse/KeyBoard Input…

Now what? Should build something… Wonder how hard it would be to build a MonoGame version of DragonDrop 3…

At this point, I guess the sky’s the limit!