Vertex Animation

Is anyone did Vertex Animation before in monogame? Note "Is Vertex animation not bone animation or vertex deformation.

What do you mean by “vertex animation” ?

I have done things like facial animation with vertex textures

I also did spherical harmonics, calculating vertices in the GPU

Currently I really only animate sub meshes with matrices or use skinned meshes.

Let us know what you are looking for and we might have something somewhere.

What about like this? define a key and animate vertice in blender, and export. unity have that feature to play the animation. But i just wondering how to make it work on monogame.

So you are talking about keyframe animation.

The only issue with that is getting the animation data from Blender and into Monogame.

If you pick a file format and try searching for that you should find a solution.

Something like “FBX key framed animation monogame” would be a good starting point

but most of the technic is bone matrix animation. im looking at vertex based without bone