Vertex Count?

I know this is almost impossible to answer, but I need some kind of reference for the maximum vertex count possible before things start to go south.

As there are many quadrillion combinations of PC’s and almost as many phones I’m thinking of an old xbox 360 for reference.

I’m not using any textures at the moment, I’m relying on object shape to cast shadows to give volume. So a scene would include simple lighting and the objects. This leaves me with the very basics to start testing with. So how many vertices can an old 360 handle before the draw routine starts to fall below 60fps?


vertex count almost doesn’t matter compared to the cost of shading objects.

Plus a vertex could contain different amounts of data. For example skinned animated meshes needs lots more data per vertex stored than simple static meshes.

This is the official “how much can i pass total” guide for Directx11.

So yeah back to the xbox 360. If the shading in the pixel shader is very simple, and the cpu doesn’t have to do much, it can probably handle hundreds of thousands vertices.