Video Files in Monogame 3.4

Can someone provide an example of loading and playing a video file in monogame?
I’ve been searching for awhile, looking at various posts and examples, and I’ve yet to find one that works.

My error is with the line:
video = contentManager.Load

The error:
An unhandled exception of type ‘Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException’ occurred in MonoGame.Framework.dll
Additional information: Could not load Content\videos\videoTest asset as a non-content file!

I’ve tried:
videoTest as a wmv with a MGCP created xnb - same error
videoTest as a wmv without an xnb - same error
videoTest as a .mp4 - same error

Here are some of the links that I’ve found, but yielded no help: - no examples for video
Playing video in Monogame 3.2 for Windows - no example
develop monogame 3.2 videoplalyer video option - no example - example uses an .mp4 video file, but this doesn’t work in 3.4 - doesn’t even mention video files

This is a windows project (not openGL), and I’m using windows7.

Playing a video file really shouldn’t be this hard? I don’t care about playing videos on iOS, or android, or linux, or anything other than windows, so the ‘solution’ doesn’t need to be cross platform.

I should also add that I’ve loaded and played .wmv videos in XNA before, so this is a familiar process to me.
The build action is set to content, and copied to output directory.
I can provide screenshots if necessary. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I’m also having a similar problem but I can get a little bit further.
Tried both wmv and mp4 and can’t seem to have them play.
In the MonoGame Pipeline tool I used Wmv and H.264 Video Importers with no processor. The tool seems to compile fine and generate a XNB for these (note that picking any content processor will fail to compile.)
They get loaded correctly but when I call I just get a black screen for both of them.

Did either of you find a solution for this? I’ve just come up against the exact same issue. :frowning:

Additionally, I’ve noticed that while my source mp4 is 59,494KB the file output by the Pipeline is only 1KB despite MonoGame Pipeline claiming that the build succeeded (I selected and built only the one video file).

Video processing in the content pipeline is something that we need to dive into soon. Make sure it works properly.

Is there any workaround to get videos playing?

I have the same problem with generate a .xnb with Monogame Pipeline Tool.
When i choose any processor the build fail and when i choose no processor it build but the video don’t play aned the .xnb has a size < 1Ko.

Anyone have a solution?