Video with Alpha

Hey guys/gals,

I’ve been experimenting with the supported VideoPlayer for a bit and have failed to get video playing that has an alpha channel. Anyone know how to get this supported? I saw that MonoGame comes with some of the FFMEG executables which is what I use in my OpenGL engine to decode video with alpha. Any ideas what it would take to get this working with MonoGame?


This might help:
Putting an alpha on the color is working for me.
spriteBatch.Draw(videoTexture, new Rectangle(0, 0, 400, 240), Color.White * Alpha);

If these tutorials don’t help. I’m sorry. I found a lot of tutorials and videos, I refer to when I want to know how to do stuff. Microsoft XNA has a lot of ‘How Tos’.

Hi Jillinger,

I’m trying to play a video with an alpha channel, not adjust the alpha of the entire texture.

We use ffmpeg for format conversion in the content pipeline. It is not distributed with a game.

Video playback is done with hardware or OS-provided video playback where available. These do not provide alpha support in videos.


Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear alpha channeled video is unsupported.