VideoPlayer.cs Monogame 3.2

Microsoft.Xna.Frame.Meida.VideoPlayer is fine in xna 4.0

Microsoft.Xna.Frame.Media.VideoPlayer does not exist in anyversion of xna.

I download c make. try out theroplay but it never works and i never know how to get it going.
this has been going on for about 6 months now.

I still code in xna visual studios 2010 because i just cnat’ get the freaking videoplayer.cs to run!

someone give me a solution that works besides a link! can i get instructions on how to get it going in 3.2! maybe it’s easier! please just help me!

i understand you, i was on it for around a week to get it working on 3.1 with theoraplay, with the help of the sdl version of monogame developer (he changed the name of the branch actually),this was hard 'cos his environment is very *nix dependent, so yeah, had a lot of trouble to build theoraplay and it’s c# wrapper that he developed.

however i get you my theora play solution, and the videoplayer implementation, (remember, this is for 3.1…)
let me bundle that brb


here :

provided by :

all praises and acilades to


for giving me a working version of this part of the xna framework!

I know this is asking for to much! but i’ve been fiddiling with it all morning.

What i’ve done. added the project to the xna windows projects and then tried to the video and videoplayer in the gamename1 project and it still doen’t work.

could you give me further (loose dont gotta be exact) guidance or a sample project of it working? You’d be a great hero to all the boards and all the colleges forever!

so you should add the monogame.framework files in the right place (just follow the folders).
and add the reference of TheoraPlay-CS into the monogame references.
Then build monogame, and update your assemblies (probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\Monogame…)

now your monogame should have the feature you require.
oh i forgot your videos have to be in ogg/ogv format, since that is what theoraplay encodes/decodes
(test with

you can convert videos with vlc i think.

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