Virtual thumb stick

Is there an api that can be added to a monogame project that implements virtual on screen thumb sticks like there are in a twin stick shooter games?

I quickly googled this and found a video with source code linked in the description. It’s for android, and seems a bit bloated, so it might not be very useful. There’s also a virtual joystick in Unity it seems, but no source. I came across a flash tutorial on tutsplus for this too, but it seems pretty bad :p. I didn’t find anything else in my (granted, short) search, so it might be easiest to implement it yourself.

thanks for the help, probably that’s what i’ll do at the end but i found this code here :

looks very simple to implement but the MonoGame.Framework.Input is missing… so the code is useless… does anyone has a working varation of this for the current framework and can save me a lot of work please?:slight_smile:

This is what I used for Monsters of War:

I suggest upping the max stick distance some.

Thank you very much!! this works great!:slight_smile:

It seems I have to reinvest in my googling skills :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you found something!