visual studio 2010 still supported?

After updating my monogame branch with the latest from mono.develop, I am no longer able to open the projects with visual studio 2010. I get a “This project is incompatible with the current version of Visual Studio” message. Is visual studio 2010 no longer supported?

It’s supported, open up the sln in notepad and change it from this(assuming the project ran on 2013, just a different number for 2015)
Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00

Visual Studio 2013

VisualStudioVersion = 12.0.31101.0

to this

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 11.00

Visual Studio 2010

VisualStudioVersion = 10.0.31101.0

Tested and working on the ultimate version of 2010. If it doesnt work because your using express for some reason theres a lot of keys online that do work. also keep in mind you need to reinstall monogame for vs 2010 if it wasn’t installed when you first installed monogame.

Nullz, thanks for the information. However, changing the solution file did not help me. After more research, it appears to be a .net version issue. After running “Protobuild”, the “TargetFrameworkVersion” property in the generated .csproj files reference “V4.5” which appears incompatible with visual studio 2010 express. I changed them to “V4.0” on the windows projects that I am using and the solutions now appears workable in visual studio 2010 express. I suspect referencing “V4.5” in the windows versions of the .csproj files was unintentional…I will create a git issue to track it.

If you are unable to use a Visual Studio newer than 2010 you can look at sharpdevelop as an alternative(which supports 4.5)

Thanks for the information. I will try sharpdevelop.

If you need 4.5, you’ll have to use 2012 or newer.

@Nullz SharpDevelop(4.4) and up, Xamarin Studio(Current stable release and Alpha/Beta channel releases) or Visual Studio 2012(VS11) and up all support .net 4.5

@stampergames I should also mention that you arent forced to use 4.5 unless you wish to use newer packages. You can still always use the 3.4 official “stable” build from the downloads page which is tagged using 4.0.

(Though the only REAL reason you should want to support 4.0 is if you wish to use features of .net that have broke between 4.0 and 4.5 or wish to support WinXP users)

Yes… we’re in the process of dropping VS2010 support. This is mainly because VS2010 doesn’t include .NET 4.5 which is the new framework version we’re using in MonoGame. Sucks to loose VS2010 support… but it is 4 versions old now and the free VS2015 community edition is great.