Visual Studio 2017 Community

I just installed VS2017 community and got nearly everything in its optional stuff even and i cant get the mg installer (3.6) to detect it.

Try the develop version of MonoGame, that should work.

yeah i concidered that a few minutes ago… nothing is working so im just uninstalling this pos and getting 2015 again
i just reinstalled my pc and i live in a farm house in the middle of nowhere so my internet is terrible i didnt wanna have to take that road x-x

Hmm, I just reinstalled VS 2017 and after that MG (develop) and it had no problem detecting the VS installation. Note that the only thing the installer does for VS is install the templates, so it’s doable without that (though inconvenient). The 3.6 release did not yet have proper support for VS 2017.

Yeah i kinda need the templates xD not goin out of my way its already gone and vs2015 is still faster to install now lol

Im trying to convert a game engine made in using sfml to monogame for my buddy cause the sfml versions available in .net are broken on features he really wanted(like fullscreen for example)

You can safely have VS 12/13/15CE and 17CE installed side by side…


And waste about 30gb of harddrive :slight_smile:

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lol yeah not about to waste that much i have a old hdd to begin with and rather large games i primarily use my windows installation for.

Visual Studio 2017 for some reason has a lot of “glitches”. If you have installed it recently and your Monogame installation does not detect it to install the templates this is usually an indication of some type of corruption within the Visual Studio configuration.

Try running the Visual Studio 2017 “Repair” option and then re-install Monogame and see if it corrects your issue.

I just had the same issue with Visual Studio 2015 and had to rebuild my system from scratch to get VS 2015 in cleanly and working.

I tried 2017 community at work and it is totally crap on some computers the installer fails. On others some extensions do not work anymore (TFS community among others)
We kept 2013 until we have no other choice. But will move onto 2015. Not 2017.

Yes, I am hearing the same complaints in the MS Development Community. Many people are quite surprised by such a sloppy implementation of one of Microsoft’s flagship products.

I have put this result up to the new style of software engineering that has been implemented at Microsoft in the past 18 months, which has centered on Agile and DevOps. Previous to this, the company used standardized, international software engineering processes and techniques.