Visual Studio 2017 RC

Hi all

I’ve been using VS2015 and Monogame 3.5 - I simply ran the installer for MG and it added the project to VS2015.

Quick question - I’ve just installed VS 2017 RC - Should I just run the monogame 3.5 installer again, will this work with VS 2017RC?

Many thanks.

That won’t work just yet. There’s an issue for tracking this on GitHub:

Thanks for the quick response Jjagg. Much appreciated. I won’t waste my time installing it several times thinking I’ve done something wrong :slight_smile:

Just an update for anyone else - I was reading the thread on GitHub for (Add support for Visual Studio 2017 templates)

And read something about the project templates - since I already have monogame 3.5 installed on the PC and use VS2015, I thought I would try copying the templates from the VS 2015 folder to the VS2017 folder: e.g.

C:\Users[username]\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\MonoGame

Voila - the templates showed in the “Add New Project” window, I’ve managed to open up a sample monogame desktop app and it worked… So this is use full for existing installations - but as mentioned I think the issue will be on new machines.

Hope this helps others.

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VS 2017 is out next week and I’m installing it on a new laptop I’m getting, does anyone know if the 3.6 download (which I’ve just noticed is out now) will work install the project templates onto VS 2017? When I installed 2017 RC I had monogame working with VS 2015 on the PC and just copied the templates, but this is going to be a NEW laptop with no other VS install.

Unfortunately no :frowning: However a fix was merged in the develop branch and the plan is to soon (no date yet) release a 3.6.1 version with critical fixes that will include the VS2017 templates fix. Related PR:

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3.6 works great with VS 2017 RC, I’m using it now.

Using a workaround, yes, but that is not the point here…

However I love the small changes made to VS17! app and web development in it is great fun, adding game dev to it will be good!

Thanks Jjagg

I’ll install it anyway and try and copy over the project templates from my desktop version to see if I can get it working. Was only asking out of curiosity,

I’m not using any workaround. I just installed it and it works great. I don’t know what you are talking about, this “Work around.”.