Visual Studio Code 9009 - HELP!!!!!

New to MonoGame and Visual Studio so please bear with me…

I’m having a play, learning both. I’ve started getting this error:-

The command “C:\Development\Projects\Visual Studio Projects\Monogame\Elorium\packages\MonoGame.Content.Builder.\tasks\net46…/…/build\MGCB\build/MGCB.exe /@:“C:\Development\Projects\Visual Studio Projects\Monogame\Elorium\Elorium\Content\Content.mgcb” /platform:WindowsStoreApp /quiet /outputDir:“bin\WindowsStoreApp\Content” /intermediateDir:“obj\WindowsStoreApp\Content”” exited with code 9009

Not quite sure what to do?

Are you using a template?

MGCB.exe is the content builder executable. Are you doing anything special for your Content setup? For example I had similar errors for a while when setting up my project because we’re building everything from source (including Pipeline Tool and MGCB) instead of having a normal MonoGame install.

You can also edit MonoGame.Content.Builder.targets file (should be in the MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline section of your MG install) and get rid of the /quiet option to get additional information from MGCB when building. Might give you additional information in your output window to help track down the issue. Look under where it says “MonoGameMGCBAdditionalArguments”.

This is assuming you are getting the error when building the solution in Visual Studio

Hey @Red7Projects and welcome!

If you don’t want to edit the MonoGame.Content.Builder.targets file, you could also do this in your .csproj file:

This removes the /quite argument so that when compiling your project again, you will get additional information in your output window.

Do that and post the output log in this thread so we could take a look what went wrong.

You could also try to double click the mgcb file and compile it manually. Maybe the pipeline tool will show you the error directly.