Visual Studio hangs trying to build monogame project

Monogame 3.7.1
Visual Studio 15.9.7

I just checked out one of my projects to my laptop and when I try to build my project, the build hangs and “Build Started…” and visual studio becomes completely unresponsive. It takes a couple of tried to actually kill it with task manager.

This also happened with slightly older versions of monogame and visual studio. I had upgraded and rebooted as an effort to get past this problem.

Any ideas?

======== EDIT 2/27/2019 ===============================

Found the problem: I unloaded the android project in my solution and it compiled fine. I don’t have the android SDK installed yet on my machine, so Visual Studio must be choking there somehow.

Does this happen on an empty project? If not, when did it start?

What ‘Introduce Virus’ program are you possibly using?

Have you tried to clear (=DELETE) /bin /obj and /.vs (usually Hidden) folders?