Visual Studio project in Monodevelop


When I’m trying to import a project created from VS in Window to Monodevelop in Linux,
I can compile, build, run, OK.
but I can’t debug in Monodevelop for some reason.
When I try debug the application or just run it without debug mode, the application just don’t launch.

Obs: If I build the application and then launch it directly (mono app.exe) it works normal.

What I’m doing to override the situation is:

I’m maintaining two projects, one for VS and another for Monodevelop;
The source is the same, I’m just linking the same source in both projects, then changes made to one, affects the other.

Obs: Projects created from Monodevelop project template also don’t launch perfectly in VS.

Someone know a way to handle this?
I want to maintain only one project for both Platforms/IDE.

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This! I have the excat same problem. My friend and I are working on a MonoGame Project. He is using Windows and Visual Studio and I am using Linux & Monodevelop. Using two different Project Files is annoying when using git.

This should have been fixed in dev release, the problem was, if I remember correctly, the path used to find MonoGame targets file for building content was hardcoded for Windows before and Linux/Mac version didn’t even have the file at all.

I’ve downloaded & installed monogame 3.5-2 and I’m still having this issue.

You need to create a new project and you need to use the dev release, not the 3.5 release.

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