Visual Studio references in crossplatform solution

Hello, I have an issue with building a crossplatform project with newest Monogame. I have a set of ‘core’ projects which should be shared across platforms and these use .NET Standard 2.0 and MonoGame.Framework.Portable libraries. Then I have my projects for target platforms - the one for Android works well, but there’s an issue with UWP one. The UWP project uses MonoGame.Framework.WindowsUniversal.

The issue is:

Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path 'MonoGame.Framework.dll'. Source files: 
C:\Users\elzab\.nuget\packages\monogame.framework.windowsuniversal\\lib\netcore\MonoGame.Framework.dll	Vorn2Engine.UWP			

Do you know how to fix this problem?

I think I managed to fix this issue by changing a property in all references to Monogame.Framework.Portable libraries in the underlying core projects. The property was ExcludeAssets with value “runtime”.