Visual Studio templates not creating properly?

so, for starters, I’ve completely uninstalled / reinstalled Monogame and Visual Studio.

because every time I make a new shared project, it’s basically empty. I get game1.cs in my solution browser, an empty content folder, and that’s it.

I can’t debug, only “> Attach…”.

if I try to make anything except a shared project, I get “error: this template attempted to load component assembly yada yada yada”. it then tells me to read some documentation about customising templates, but I don’t quite understand what to do with all that, I’m new to this, and it was working a few days ago, and now I’m sad. :frowning:

I can still use my old projects fine. I just don’t know why I can’t start a new one.

Is the csharp folder in your projects folder? and are the MG files in there?

Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\MonoGame

Well if you create a Shared Project, that’s correct behaviour. A shared project can not be compiled. It’s just used to hold code to be shared with “real” projects.
You’ll have to add additional projects for the platforms and reference the shared project.

Example Setup:

    -MyGame (Shared Project)

Then compile and debug the Solution using the platform projects, e.g. MyGame.DesktopGL

Oh bugger, I missed that bit…