Vorn's Adventure

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop a message that my first game is available on Windows Store for both WP 8.1 and 10. Yep, these ones that are gathering dust. :wink: We worked on it for quite some time starting with an XNA 4.0 project. The game itself is in style of oldies such as Crash Bandicoot. There are a couple of levels and the game ends up with a boss fight - what would you expect? :wink: Obviously, since it’s our first game it’s ‘a little’ rough around the edges. It is completely free and has no ads - we treated it as a ‘hobby project’. Hope you will like it!
You can find it here

The game shall soon be ported to Android, I need to find some time - currently crunching hard at work. :frowning: If you want to follow what happens with the project please give us a like on our FB page.


Cool… hail to that legendary dwarf model ^ _^ y

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Nice to see a finished 3d game here :slight_smile: Will definitely give it a shot once it’s on Android! Good luck :wink:

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