VS 2019, Getting Started problems...

This is VS2019 (Latest), on Windows 10.

So I’m following this page:


I can create the solution, the project and I changed the Target to .Net Core 3.0. (also happens no matter what I target)

When I go to compile the solution, I get the following error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error MSB3073 The command "C:\Users\xxx\.nuget\packages\monogame.content.builder\\tasks\net46\../../build\MGCB\build/MGCB.exe /@:"D:\<path to game>\WindowsGL\Content\Content.mgcb" /platform:DesktopGL /quiet /outputDir:"bin\DesktopGL\Content" /intermediateDir:"obj\DesktopGL\Content"" exited with code 9009. MyMonoGame C:\Users\xxx\.nuget\packages\monogame.content.builder\\build\MonoGame.Content.Builder.targets 73
I have the following NuGet packages installed:

MonoGame.Content.Builder (
MonoGame.Extended (3.7.0)
MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL.Core (

Any idea why this won’t build?


Have you tried VS2017?

No, and I have no intention of doing that. VS2019 has been out for quite some time and I would rather not install VS2017 to “Fix” something that should work out of the box.

That’s a poor point of view as a developer.

Why? Because I don’t want to use older tools when all the development I do is in VS2019? The Poor Point of view is that MonoGame isn’t keeping up with something that has been out for almost a year now and is fundamentally needed to make it work.

You may have to ask the MonoGame.Extended team. Can you compile without MonoGame.Extended and just MonoGame?

Well, Removing the package

MonoGame.Content.Builder (

Now allows me to compile and run. So there appears to be a dependency or something that is missing from that. For what I need, I don’t think that package will be necessary, but we’ll see.

If you followed the link for setting up the projects you should be able to to build using the dotnet CLI, if it doesn’t build using the dotnet build command there’s no good reason it should build in any version of Visual Studio either. Something to test next time.

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Well, didn’t want to do it, but to get back up and running, I reinstalled VS2017 and I’m back to concentrating on Game Development rather than fighting the tools.

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