VS 2022 MonoGame 3.8.0 - Content Pipeline .mgcb won't load

I’m trying to add some content to my game, but need the pipeline for converting .png to .xnb etc… For some reason, the Content.mgcb file won’t open even though the editor is set as default.

Can someone help?

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The following is assuming youre using MonoGame 3.8.x

In a terminal/command line window set at the project root directory, if you enter the folllowing command, does it open?

dotnet mgcb-editor ./Content/Content.mgcb

If not, or if it says that command doesnt exist, verify you have the .config directory in the project folder with a dotnet-tools.json file in it. This should have been created automatically wheh you created the project using the template.

If that is missing, you will need to add the mgcb dotnet tool. Not sure why it wouldnt have been there automatically since the templates add it but you can add it manually like this.

Again, in a terminal/command line set at the project directory ebter the following commands:

dotnet new tool-manifest
dotnet tool install dotnet-mgcb-editor
dotnet tool install dotnet-mgcb-editor-windows

Replace windows with mac or linux depending on your os.

Thanks so much.

Had to run the manifest commands, but they worked and now I can use the editor. :smiley:

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