VS 2022 templates

The new templates for 2022 seem to have a few issues which I’d like to report

I’m seeing a different logo from what is on the documentation: Creating a Project with Visual Studio 2022 | MonoGame Documentation

Is this intentional? I liked the previous ones better, it was easier to understand which project belong to which platform just by looking in the logo, and the orange background seems weird.

Also, the MonoGame Windows Desktp Application tags include Linux and macOS, which I don’t believe it’s right?

Thank you.

Like the post mentioned at How to get uwpcore template? - General - Community | MonoGame, it’s also missing the uwp core project.

When I tried to install from the CLI, it gave this error:

Error: Failed to load template from C:\Users<UserName>.templateengine\packages\MonoGame.Templates.CSharp.
Missing ‘identity’.


I have this problem too

Me too. I was using gitHub and learning how to use it and I had some long commit that was like my entire system it seemed like. I still tried to get the commit to occur by ignoring all the files within VS, and it got partially through and froze up and I cancelled the ignore and then closed the program. Since this, my mgcb-editor will not open and I get that same error message. What is going on? I reinstalled just about everything and I have my first game jam coming up soon.