VS and game freeze when hitting breakpoint

I am running VS 2017 on Win10 with Monogame 3.7.

I can use break points fine almost anywhere in my game except in a particular piece of code where if I am using a breakpoint both VS and the game window hang and I need to kill the game process to get VS to respond again. Anywhere else is fine.

This is in one of my scene’s update loop

public override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
		if (mouseInputManager.LeftButtonReleased)
			PathFinder pathfinder = new PathFinder(pathFindingWeightedGraph);
			IPathFindingLocation target = pathFindingWeightedGraph.GetPathFindingLocationAtScenePosition(mouseInputManager.Position);

			IPathFindingLocation start = pathFindingWeightedGraph.GetPathFindingLocationAtScenePosition(
				((TransformComponent)EntityManager.GetComponentForEntity("prototypeCrewMember", "Transform")).SceneRelativePosition);

			Debug.WriteLine("Target : " + target.ScenePosition);
			Debug.WriteLine("Start : " + start.ScenePosition);
			generalDebugUIWidget.AddColorBlockToDraw(target.ScenePosition, new Vector2(15, 15), Color.Black);
			generalDebugUIWidget.AddColorBlockToDraw(start.ScenePosition, new Vector2(15, 15), Color.Black);



If I put a breakpoint anywhere in the if statement I have the problem as soon as the if returns true (when I click somewhere in the game screen).

Anyone has an idea what could be happening ?

I don’t think that was it since it runs without any problem without a break point.

Weird thing is that was on my work computer. I just got home and tried it here and the break point gets hit no problem. Behaves as expected … I have the same version of everything here and at work so I am really puzzled about the whole thing but at least it works so I can debug the problem I was trying to get rid of.

Thanks for trying :slight_smile:

Are you running the game in fullscreen ? I had a similar problem and discovered that the debugger has some problem with directx if fullscreen is set. I now run my game in windowed mode (while testing).


Are you by any chance interrupting a draw call or breaking while the GPU is getting info. Cause that tends cause issues.

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Not running in fullscreen ever while testing. So that’s not it.

I don’t think I am interrupting a draw call this code path comes from the Update() of game.cs so unless monogame is running Draw() at the same time on an other thread it is not interrupting a draw call.

And like I said in my previous reply what is really weird is that I can break in that code just fine at home but I can’t at work. Same versions of everything. I guess I might be hitting some kind of edge case with the hardware I have at work.