VS2015 and GPU debugging


looking at the new tools VS2015 present (including a new autoformatting engine which messes every line I type) there’s a very neat feature (which as the link says, it was included with VS2013 but I have completely skipped VS2013) which allows passing information to the GPU profiler, allowing to categorize GPU calls and thus improving profiling.

The technique is showed here:


In the section “Let’s get busy and analyze a more realistic app” , part 2.

Is there a way to (easily) do that in MonoGame?

I’ve been trying to expose that feature using the MonoGame source but I’ve been unable to. I think this is related to Windows version not using SharpDX 3 yet (looking at the DLL symbols, UserDefinedAnnotation does not appear in the SharpDX/Windows, but it does in SharpDX/UAP)

Are there plans to move the Windows version to SharpDX 3 or will it stay on 2.6.3 for compatibility?

I don’t remember off the top of my head. I would want to update to the latest SharpDX assuming it doesn’t break compatibility with older desktop versions of Windows.

I’m sure this was discussed before in some GitHub issues. If someone could hunt that down it might help.