VS2017 and Monogame references

Is there a problem with the references within VisualStudio2017 ?
When I go to extensions, and add “Monogame.Framework.Net”, the one with the tooltip showing the path to “windows”, and add it, when I got the reference’s properties it still points to the one in the folder “WindowsUniversal” !
Same thing with “Microsoft For Windows Desktop (DirectX)”.
I have to browser manually to the folder and select the right dll !

Templates? Explain your installation steps… Why are you manually selecting it?

When I add references to Monogame to a new project from “Assemblies”, adding Monogame.Framework.Net among the 3 available, by selecting the one with the tooltip “windows” and not “windowsuniversal”, it still adds the one from the folder
instead of
Same thing with “Microsoft For Windows Desktop (DirectX)”.

But if I browse to the right folder “windows” and not “windowsuniversal” it adds the right dll.

It seems there is a problem with the templates or the registering of monogame’s dlls, right ?
It may be invisible on windows 8/10, but as I’m under Windows7, I can see the problem when I start a game: I cannot specify the starting position of the window, and it starts in break mode !