W8.1 SwapChainPanel support

Why this is not supported? How do you expect from us to create W8.1/WP8.1 apps when you don’t support basic controls? We have created fork with SwapChainPanel support hoping that this feature will come in future, but 4 months later, still nothing.

There are a few project templates for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1, and some of them use SwapChainBackgroundPanel in order to use XAML controls in the same app. Is that not what you are looking for?

Simply because no one has contributed the code. MonoGame is a volunteer project. If no one contributes the code for SwapChainPanel then it won’t magically appear in the code base.

It also doesn’t help that an issue has never been submitted on GitHub alerting us that this was missing.

All that said the new Windows 10 UAP platform in 3.4 supports SwapChainPanel.

I understand that. I’m not saying that it should be done right away. There are people requesting this feature back in mid '14. I will open issue on GitHub now, but I’m not that familiar with MonoGame Development rules and how it is all fitte together so I would need help.

We have our version of MonoGame with SwapChainPanel support, but in updating it is a pain. Ideally, someone with knowlege of how project are generated and how XamlGame class works can do this.

Only thing we have done is retargeted W8 project to W8.1 and changed all SwapChainBackgroundPanels to SwalChainPanel. Support for Exit() will be needed too. But, that’s it.

Windows 10 support is great, but we have application in store now, W8.1 application…