Wasteland Tactics - Released

Game made for Monogamejam 3 in 10 days

Another settlement needs your help. And by help I mean it needs to be cleansed with fire. I remember days when there was nothing but empty wasteland as far as the eye can see, but these days there is a damn settlement every couple hundreds of meters.

You were always playing with those metal scraps and throwing them around. How about we throw some of them in our neighbours’ direction?

Wasteland Tactics can be described as roguelike artillery game. Created for Monogamejam Theme - “Low budget” this game will make you value every resource available. Use makeshift rocket launcher to bring down post apocalyptic settlements. Send expeditions to find new parts to build your rockets. Extend your reach, destructivity and precision, explore what post apocalyptic desert has to offer.


The game looks totally awesome, thanks for sharing.
Although if you do decide to make it more and publish it, might want to think of a different name, else the DoubleFine team might get a little upset :smiley:

Keep up the great work!


neverheard of them and I would swear I googled it before choosing the name and I couldn’t find anything but one dead irrelevant facebook page, oh well.

If you mean just “Wastelands” then that doesn’t matter, they can get all mad they wont, that lawsuit wouldn’t take. Plus they can have all of these glorious 9 USD for what I care :smiley:

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