Way or Workaround to gpu side specified mip level rendertargeting?.

I need a efficient way to render to a mip with a shader to a mip level of a TextureCube or a RenderTargetCube or insert a rendered texture to a specific texturecube mip level .

To say i need a call like the following but it doesn’t exist

GraphicsDevice.SetRenderTarget(renderTargetCube,CubeMapFace.NegativeZ, mipLevel);

The mip level part of the cube call doesn’t exist so i need a alternate solution…

To say i do not want to do it using get set data which would be slow.

SetRenderTarget only has 4 overloads and only rendertarget 2D 3D has the ability to set a array slice, though i have never used this call. Im wondering if there is a way to render to those slices like they are mips then set that to a cube somehow.
Ultimately i need mip level data in a cube that is created on a shader targeted to a specified mip level.

My thought is maybe its possible to use RenderTarget 2D or 3D in someway to target the mip level to write to then transfer that to a Render or Texture Cube as ultimately i need the texCubeLod call that takes a normal direction to get a pixel.
Hopefully someone has a answer to if this is possible in some way or not or a good alternative. The only other recourse i can think of is to use a much more expensive 2d spherical shader that would possibly be overly expensive to use at runtime or possibly fail as too many textures or cubes might be needed in the other option.

Any ideas welcome thank you.

On windows it should be possible, DX11 I know has a device:GenerateMipMaps

On other platforms it isn’t. Vulkan for instance does not allow rendertargets with mipmaps

I will have a think