Weird Flickering/Flashing at start up

Hello all!

On Windows when I start to debug a project that I have just created, the screen flickers and flashes a lot then the game continues. It almost seems like the application is figuring out the screen resolution or something along those lines, maybe getting monitor specs. I was just curious if there is a way to get it to stop doing that.

I have narrowed it down to occur before the constructor for Game1 (from the game templates) is called, so maybe it’s in the call to the parent “Game” class?

I’m using Xamarin Studio with MonoGame 3.0.1.

Thanks for any help.

that is strange, there should be nothing rendering at all at that stage.

can you show us what are you drawing?

It’s really just drawing a window with a Black background. Tested this out on OSX and it doesn’t occur, only Xamarin Studio on Windows. I’ll test out Visual Studio later today.

Edit #1:
I can confirm that it occurs using Visual Studio 2012 also.

Edit #2:
I also forgot to mention that I am targeting Windows (OpenGL),

Edit #3:
(Hopefully this is not annoying anyone.) Building MonoGame from source, this doesn’t happen in the “Windows” version of the framework but only happens in the “WindowsGL” version of the framework.

I do not use OSX so i really dont know, maybe graphics drivers need update?

Found out it’s a Windows drivers issue. The OpenGL implementation for my graphics card was weird, driver updates fixed it up.