Welcome to the MonoGame Community but no Please feel free to say HI

Hi everyone,I have noticed that there is no “Welcome to monogame please feel free to introduce yourself” Topic. I would be glad if there where one so at least before I start asking for help (which is the real reason that i am here) some one can say " hey its the new guy" and feel like I’m not being rude, but please do forgive me I must have spent too many lifetimes joining communities that have a “welcome please say hi”. (also please forgive me if there is and it’s my fault for not finding or posting in the wrong place.

So hi, I’m not a programmer i don’t know scripts except for “hello world” which i learned not to long ago, I am an animator that came up with an idea for what i believe is going to be an awesome game ( i can be wrong) and i really want to create this game that’s in my head. I started conceptualizing and got a friend involved but he only knows a little bit of programming so anyhow i’m or we are starting from the bottom with this project. As i said I’m really here for help, it’s not needed right now but hopefully soon since i am also looking for a way to use Unity but there is a limitation since its a 2D game and i cant afford unity pro. So see you guys around I guess.

Hi @Judah. Welcome to the site.