Were can i add a request for a simple addition or extra overload

Xna is was great but every once in a while i come across something simple and just think wow that would be nice if they would have added that

just today i remembered the one little thing i wished was in the spritefont class
public Float MaxLineHeight { get; }
unless there is a simpler way that i am unaware of you have to use measure string and type in a buncha letters or a actual string ( A-Z ) what i would like here is , the maximum height of a line for squaring up lines on screen

public sealed class SpriteFont
public ReadOnlyCollection Characters { get; }
public char? DefaultCharacter { get; set; }
public int LineSpacing { get; set; }
public float Spacing { get; set; }
public Float MaxLineHeight { get; }
public Vector2 MeasureString(string text);
public Vector2 MeasureString(StringBuilder text);

another thing ive always wonder is why there is no spritebatch.draw that takes a
floating point rectangle or vector4 float i actually made my own virtual rectangle
but it has to cast to rectangle to pass it to sb were vector2 is nice as float
rectangle as int’s makes no sense
if internally it is converted to float then what is happening is two casts for no reason :frowning: with no way around it

you can just change the source and recompile monogame, that’s what i did in many occasions already.
like, video player support, public threading class, etc

You can do that, but you’ll have to continually merge your changes when updating to newer MonoGame versions. Another option is Extension Methods, providing you only need access to the public members of the class concerned.