What 3D features exist in monogame?

Hi All -

Just wondering what 3D features exist in monogame?

Custom shaders?
Normal maps?
NavMesh Pathfinding?
Particle effects?

Maybe there’s a feature list someone could point me to?

You might be looking for Unity or Unreal

Monogame is a graphics api framework so its much lower level then unity you typically add what you want to it or you create it yourself. Far less out of the box and far easier to add what you want without proprietary concerns about the api.

Custom shaders - as easy as making a new shader in the pipeline tool and using it.
Shadows - same as above you make them yourself.
Normal maps - same as above diy.
NavMesh Pathfinding - use a library or diy.
Anti-aliasing - built into the gpu or diy if you want something extra.
Particle effects - custom shader.
Networking - use whatever library you want with monogame there are plenty of free options.

There is a lot of stuff people have made to go with monogame in a way it can be information overload but monogame isn’t a game engine its a game framework you gotta stick the engine and transmission in that you want.