What about monogame on Visual studio 2017 for Mac


How I can use monogame on my Mac with Visual Studio 2017. Maybe monogame was planned update for this?



I’m trying to do this very thing! Would love to hear the answer.

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Me too! I tried installing both the 3.6 release and the development build, but no matter what I do the monogame templates won’t show in Visual Studio.

Yes, but you can open existing monogame project in VS2017 and run, but this way have some problems. for example you can’t using pipeline

If you have problems running the pipeline tool, that’s not related to the add in not being installed. The add in only provides the templates.

hmmm, But in Xamarin studio all okey, in VS2017 pipeline tool open as config text file:(

Try right clicking and selecting ‘Open With…’, then select the MonoGame Pipeline Tool (you may need to navigate to the executable). The add in doesn’t actually affect this.

:frowning: In ‘Open with…’ I see only Hex editor and Source Code editor

What I meant by this is that if the Pipeline Tool is not in the list you need to press ‘Add…’ in the dialog and locate the Pipeline Tool executable. I’m not sure where it’s located on Mac, but if you find the MG installation folder it’s under MonoGame/v3.0/Tools/Pipeline.exe

Thank you:) But something strange is happening. then I open Content.mgcb from “Open file” dialog from Pipeline tool all ok, but if I chose Pipeline tool in “Open with” dialog error occurs “The document “Content.mgcb” could not be opened. Pipeline.MacOS cannot open files of this type.”

I don’t know what that’s about. Maybe someone that actually uses VS Mac can help out.