What are the required dependencies to run MonoGame DesktopGL project

Hello, first time poster here, long time lurker.

I have been developing 2D game, aiming to release it to Windows, Linux and Mac sometime this year.
For some reason, I can’t find a solid list of all dependencies for each platform to run the game without hassle.

So, what are

  • Windows Requirements other than .NET Framework 4.5 and OpenAL?
  • Linux Requirements? (MonoKickstart to handle this?)
  • Mac Requirements? (MonoKickstart to handle this?)


  • Does the MonoKickstart support MonoGame 3.6?
  • On Linux and Mac, is there way to run the game without command line / console?

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Anyone? [Twenty characters required]

Did you solve this? I’m in the process of having to find out the same information.

OpenAL is not necessary, MG switched to OpenAL soft.

To run MG DesktopGL you need at least OpenGL 2.0 support and support for framebuffers. Other dependencies are included in the DesktopGL project template (SDL, OpenAL soft).

Yes, MonoKickstart provides a Mono runtime so users don’t have to install Mono to run the game. That’s all it does, so it’s not bound to a specific MG version.

MonoKickstart takes care of this. It provides an executable that will run your game.