What future for monogame on consoles?

Sony quitted PSM support. Nintendo has still no plans for WiiU or 3DS. What remains here? Android and iOS? Just a matter of time before Unity will take it all. Please find a way to get monogame working on more consoles, otherwise people will choose Unity. Thanks.

If you want MonoGame on consoles asking here does little.

The MonoTeam would LOVE to be on every platform out there. They talk to the console vendors whenever they get a chance but unlike other platforms this isn’t a cheap endeavor. Firstly there is no access to the hardware without permission. They are not open platforms. Even once you are in dev kits are not cheap!

Even with a dev kit you still need a .Net/Mono platform on there. SO you need to talk to Xamarin or Microsoft about that. They don’t work for free.

And then you need a MonoGame wrapper for a whole new hardware platform. Its not like PC or iOS where there is a huge population who know the platform. Often there is a lot of R&D and remember nobody is paying the MonoGame team. (You have made a donation right http://www.monogame.net/donate/)

Of course even if MonoGame runs on there the platforms are still all closed so you as a developer have to go through the same hassles to get your games on there!

So if you want MonoGame on console platforms the people to talk to are Sony, Microsoft an Nintendo. Tell them you have a MonoGame game that you want on their platform and send them to talk to MonoGame. If they see a demand they will make it work.

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Monogame is already on PS4 - and unless there are some major changes to the graphics stack between now and Win10, it should also work in the apps partition of the XboxOne - although there are those of us who are still hoping that Microsoft will listen and allow deployment on the games side too. Plus there is PC gaming, too.

As for mobile gaming - I for one am rapidly reaching a stage where Unity is welcome to it! Four or so years ago, it was still a fun, exciting market to work in, but now it’s flooded with rubbish - clones and quick-n-dirty thrown-together games that reduce any chance of discovery to next to nothing.

And Unity is not for everyone. When XNA was first deprecated, I tried Unity while looking for a new development platform. I struggled with it for about a month getting nowhere, before giving up. Shortly after this I discovered Monogame, and haven’t looked back…