What is a manifest ?

Hello everyone, i am setting the properties of my application and i just saw the manifest reuirement but i have no idea of what is a manifest. What should be in it ?
Do you have an example ?

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A manifest holds metadata about how to run an executable. There is a manifest in the MG templates (new in 3.6) to specify that the application is dpi aware. If the application is not dpi aware it will most likely crash when a user with dpi scaling tries running it because the found resolution will be incorrect (scaled) and that resolution will not be supported by the GPU. If you are using the develop version of MG you definitely want to include a manifest, you can create one from the VS template if that’s the IDE you’re using and just change the dpiAware setting to true/pm (pm stands for per monitor) or just copy the manifest from the MG GitHub repo. If you’re using 3.5 I recommend you test out your application with dpi scaling to see if it works. I think it will since this would be a pretty huge bug and nobody complained about it :stuck_out_tongue:
If it works there’s not really a need for a manifest AFAIK.


thanks, that can be an explanation of weird scaling on different computers.