What is a PassObject?

So I am following a tutorial and there is this Pass Object but I have no ideia what it is .Is it a class from the framework or am I declaring a method called PassObject?

namespace ShooterLand

   //delegate allows to pass methods as argument
   public delegate void PassObject(object i);

     public class Globals
        public static int screenHeight, screenWidth;
        public static ContentManager content;
        public static SpriteBatch spriteBatch;
        public static GameTime gameTime;
        public static Effect normalEffect;

No, you are not defining a method and it is not a class. You are creating a way to pass methods as parameters. Research delegates for more information.

Thanks, it was really helpful :grin: . But I have a doubt. If I were to create this delegate in a class instead of as a global, should I declare it in the class variables or in next to the class methods?

That is completely personal preference. I declare delegates and event handlers before fields and properties. Basically, delegates, event handlers, fields, properties and then methods.