What is needed to make a file runnable?

I sent a published project to a friend who is using Mac OSX. Unfortunately the file would not run. A message pops up basically saying no executable file is found for the file to open it with.

Anybody here who knows what steps are needed to run a MonoGame application on Mac OSX?

Maybe it is a security thing because I am not a registered Apple dev?

Of its 3.8, dont they need .net core runtime installed? Then run dotnet youtassembly.dll

Yes it’s 3.8. I used dotnet publish to get executables for each target OS. So I thought installing dotnet core runtime would be the dependency which they need to install. But I assumed they can just start the executable files like any other app?

No experience for publishing to iOS, I pretty much build (in my day job) .NET Core for portable each time, and so have to execute via dotnet assemblyName.dll on my AWS insatance.

OK I read a bit more about the topic. I do a self-contained deployment. This SCD creates platform specific executables. E.g. an *.exe file for windows and files with no extension for Linux and Mac but using a file format matching these target OS. So in this case I think it should be fine to run the files directly / like any other application (ommiting the dotnet command).
For one test on a windows machine it worked. I think only the .NET Core Runtime needs to be installed on the target machine to provide the native dependencies of .NET Core.
For Mac OSX I will have to wait until I get some feedback. I expect it will work with SCD we will see… :slight_smile:

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Just got the feedback and everything works :smile::partying_face:

Was not so easy to guide the test because the Mac is located on another continent and the friend had never used the terminal before.

So the required steps are:

  1. Self contained deployment
  2. Make file executable
  3. Allow the file being started
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