What is the size limit for Texture2D on MonoGame?

Is it possible to load very big textures 10000x800 pixels on MonoGame?

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I don’t think MonoGame has a set size limit for Texture2D, however your game will be tied to the platform’s limit (each platform has its own value)

When using Reach you can have up to 2048x2048 (dx9.1 cards).
Check your card capabilities/featurelevel to see how much you can actually use.
DX11.1 cards support at least 16384x16384.

Is it possible to load such big 2D textures on Windows Phone or iPhone devices? It’s important that the game runs on both systems.

Do you know the limits for Windows Phone and iPhone devices?

AFAIK the limit is 4096. There is no point of loading a texture like that as a single texture. Cut it to multiple pieces and draw it that way. It will be faster.