what program do you use to draw images?

hello everyone,
i use paint and a sprite maker program. but my friends find my images too simple. should I use different programs to create more realistic images? could you tell me about them. thanks

I use GIMP. The official website for it can be found here. Another common alternative is Paint.NET, although I’ve found it to be quite a bit more limiting than GIMP. Both are certainly more useful than MS Paint, though.

Note, however, that using a more capable image editing program won’t automatically make you a better artist, but it will give you better tools with which to work.

That’s what I need, better tools. I m not an artist, but can draw well. Thank you for the advice, now I’m jumping there.

I use pait.net I find has some very nice things it can do. And its not to complex ether.

I’ll check paint. Net too, thank you

We use Gimp and Paint.net for image post-processing as well (mostly Paint.net with its vast number of plugins).
When really drawing things, we use Krita which is a great program.
For vector graphics everyone seems to be using Inkscape.

So IMO it seems to be like that:

Image-Filters / Photos

  • Photoshop / Gimp
    Artistic drawing
  • Illustrator, Painter / Krita
    Vector graphics
  • Illustrator / Inkscape
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krita seems to be great. but Ive already downloaded gimp which I think will be enough for me, thanks

Thank you for the detailed information

MyMonoGame paint app :)~ kappa.

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I use exclusively Aseprite (not free) since I do only pixelart. A must have if you’re into it!

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