What versions of .NET and C# does MonoGame support?


I was wondering what versions of .NET and C# MonoGame supports?

I have been searching for a while, but cannot find this anywhere. I’ve searched in the MonoGame documentation, in this MonoGame community forum, on the MonoGame GitHub project, and on stackoverflow.com.

I have not downloaded MonoGame yet as I first would like to know what C# functionality I can use with it.

I did find what C# functionality is implemented in Mono in the documentation of Mono (here: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/compatibility), but is this the same for MonoGame, or is MonoGame still using an older version of Mono (as is the case with Unity3D for example)?

As a side note: I’m interested in making games for Windows, Linux and (optionally) also for Mac.

Mono and monogame are 2 different things.
You can start with VS2015 (still some problems with vs2017 if I remember well).
MG is compatible from .net 4.5 I think, and from C# 3 or 4 till 6 ?

Thank you for answering.

Yes, I realize this. However, when compiling a MonoGame application for (for example) Linux, it does use Mono, right?

This is very nice to hear. I like working with the newest features of .NET and C#.

Just fyi i use 4.6.1

Some MonoGame projects target .NET 4.0 and some target 4.5, but .NET is backwards compatible so you can use any newer version if you want (but not older). Regarding C# it’s the same. MonoGame is written in C#5.0, but that doesn’t matter for your game because it’s all compiled down to IL anyway, you can use C#7 if you want (and have the tooling installed) :slight_smile:

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