What's a good book to start programming with MonoGame?

Hello. I recently started learning C#. I want to make games with MonoGame. Can someone recommend me a good book (or course on udemy) to start programming with MonoGame for beginners?

I found this one to be quite a good start.

Just note the content pipeline is a bit different than the way MG handles it but the rest is pretty much the same.

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I found this link somewhere on these forums recently and found it a really good read, its more about patterns to use for game development rather than actually monogame development, but it all helps!


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“This book uses MonoGame, an open source framework that’s powerful, free to use and easy to handle, to further reduce low-level details, meaning you can concentrate on the most interesting and universal aspects of a game development: frame, camera, objects and particles, sprites, and the logic and simple physics that determines how they interact.”

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Have you actually read that book @LithiumToast?

Can you recommend it?

I read it briefly. I used a free trial on this site to access it: https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/learn-2d-game/9781430266044/

I’ve learned from reading some e-books.
Not directly for XNA or Monogame but for Game Programming; patterns, etc, has so many of then easy to find online or in university libraries;

but I prefer doing tutorials, I learn a lot from then.

The bests tutorials in my opnion were these two:
Eyes of the Dragon Series, this one is for XNA, but works almost exactly in Monogame;
A Summonner’s Tale Series and this is for Monogame instead;
both are from the same guy, he’s doing more ‘episodes’ of the series every week.

Be happy coding :smile:

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These tutorials look promising, thank you from myself.

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You should also check out CodingMadeEasy tutorials. There is one on XNA itself, XNA tutorial, through there may be some discrepancy between XNA and monogame.

There is also one on making a Platformer, and a RPG tutorial.

I keep recommending these as well, they are great to get off the ground for small games and learning XNA/MG.

A bit late but I learn XNA from RB Whitaker site.

I wish I had an affiliate link for this lol


Click the Look Inside thing above the book cover image to see some bits…

I have this for both Kindle and Physical so yeah… I will be using it in the coming weeks ahead on my 3.0 attempt at using MonoGame :stuck_out_tongue: [ Had to learn C#, twice and then Life got in the way so yeah third times a charm :slight_smile: ]

Just remember that the pipeline tool exists now so you can probably ignore the XNA pipeline stuff and just use the tool now…

Hope this helps,


The source code examples for XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed have been updated to work with MonoGame and Windows 10.