What's the best game display resolution for Nintendo Switch and Desktop(PC,MAC,Linux)?

hi, everyone,
I want make 2D game for Desktop and Nintendo Switch Console, and I want to know What’s the best game display resolution can fit Nintendo Switch and Desktop at the same time?
1280*720 is OK?

Isn’t the switch 1080p?

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Well, Portable, 720p but docked up to 1080p

I suggest an overall 720p virtual resolution… or 1080p for non switch versions maybe? or user select?

The LCD screen supports resolutions up to 720p (1280×720 px)

is that means if I make a game which keep the resolution as 1280×720 px at Desktop, then I can very easy to porting it to Switch?

Logically, pretty much… but remember, when docked, the games will also only play at 720p unless you use a virtual resolution…


Like here maybe:


Some more relevant data:


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thank you very much!!! :smile:

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