What's the best kind of game to make for beginners?

I’m thinking of bullet hell shooters and turn based battle seems simple to make aside from physics based like platformers complex combo and state system from fighting games

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Start with the simplest game you possibly can and then fully feature it out - start screen, menu, leaderboards, settings, about, audio, special effects, etc.

The game concept development can be the easiest/simplest part of the game dev process… But finishing a game is the long haul, and short cut hacks just to get a concept working won’t cut it for something you want to distribute

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if it is your first game, that will be too much to start with.
Pick a pong game or something very simple, so you can understand how it works.
I would recommend to pick some very old games as example and make a copy of them, like pong, combat or games from Atari2600 , replicate them as learning experience shouldn’t take more than a few days to finish so you can see some progress. After you finish 5 or 10 of them move to bullet hell or something else.


I would consider turn based battle games to be hard because you have to build a lot of UI and menu stuff which is quite difficult.

A bullet hell shooter for your first game as a beginner is fine but definitely keep it to maybe one or two core game mechanics, and keep them simple.

So if you wanna make a bullet hell shooter, that’s actually not too bad, but keep the features small. A character that you can move around with WASD and aim with the mouse. Shoot with one type of weapon. Then one type of enemy and enemy behaviour. Implement killing enemies and getting killed by them. Finally, a simple gameplay loop where you get points for killing them and when you die, you just respawn in 5 seconds or something. Add some very basic music and sound.

That’s it, game done. Ship it!

Haha after that you can build out more features (more enemies, weapons, main menu), but you really just wanna have a small, well defined goal that you feel like you can accomplish.

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Here’s my advice as a senior masochist unreleaser.

Avoid anything strategic or RPG related. No story, no text, no rich UI, no inventory, no stat balancing, no AI, nothing realist. Stay abstract / symbolic with a score based game like a shooter or a tetris/columns like.
Set a max time for achieving a result and release it as soon as possible.
Finish it and start something more ambithious.

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