When touch operation is done in Windows Phone, it freezes.

The Japanese user. I’ll contribute for the first time. (English is using machine translation.)


■Working Environment
・MonoGame 3.4
・MonoGame Windows 8.1 Universal Project
・Windows Phone : MADOSMA Q501 (Windows Phone 8.1 UP2) (https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/MADOSMA_Q501)
・Visual Studio 2013 Professional ja

Makes Windows Phone Game in UWP, and when I touch, freezes a screen by unspecified timing.
Even if I touch after that, a game doesn’t move, when an application list (task list) is indicated, and a game is chosen once again, a game starts to move from continuation.

UWP で Windows Phone Game を作成し、画面をタッチすると不特定のタイミングで画面がフリーズします。

■Phenomenon investigation

  • When it freezes, neither [Update] method nor the [Draw] method are called.
  • The [OnDeactivated] method is called by the timing which indicates an application list (task list).
  • Unless I touch, it doesn’t freeze.
  • After the Draw (EndDraw) method has finished freezing.
  • Even if “TouchPanel.GetCapabilities” and “TouchPanel.GetState” “Mouse.GetState” aren’t used, it freezes.
  • When a load is high, does it freeze?

・フリーズすると [Update] メソッドも [Draw] メソッドも呼ばれない
・アプリケーション一覧(タスク一覧)を表示するタイミングで [OnDeactivated] メソッドは呼ばれる
・フリーズするのは Draw (EndDraw) メソッドが終わった後

■Similar phenomenon
It also seems that the report that this time and a phenomenon I resemble occurred is reported at the following place.

・WP8.1 - Game freezes sporadically (WP8.1 - Game freezes sporadically)
・WP8.1 Multitouch slowdown #3316 (https://github.com/mono/MonoGame/issues/3316)

Would there be something for a countermeasure?