When will MonoGame be available for Visual Studio 2022

When will MonoGame be available for Visual Studio 2022 which is fully 64 bits and support for .Net 6
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For example Microsoft
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You can use MonoGame with those. MonoGame is a real C# library. There are already people using it with .net6.

You can set up a new project with the command line.

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Ah for heaven’s sake… time to update my tutorials…

Is it out on BETA or officially out now?

Give them time, Microsoft is still adding bugs to VS2022…


.NET 6 release date is forecasted to be November 2021.

Visual Studio 2022 is still in Preview 1, so I believe it will take quite some time even for a Release Candidate.

As for MonoGame, I have good news if you use DesktopGL: it’s compatible with .NET Standard 2.0, which is the most compatible target available today (it encompasses even the .NET Framework 4.x for Windows). So, you can change the target library of your MonoGame’s csproj to “net6.0” and it will build just fine, as .NET Standard 2.0 will still be supported for the foreseeable future. That even means that you can use C# 9 (available for .NET 5) and C# 10 (when it’s available).

What about the other MonoGame’s targets? Well, it depends. If you use WindowsDX, then the target framework will be “net6.0-windows”. If you use Android, then hopefully NET 6’s “net6.0-android” might work, but I am not 100% sure.

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Well, Monofoxe will definitely be available sooner. : )

The .NET Conference 2021 is held on November 9th - 11th.
The main focus will be .NET 6
.NET Conf 2021 (dotnetconf.net)

Visual Studio 2022 is in preview, but will be launching on November 8th as a Release Candidate / RC

If you are confused, here’s a good video explaining it:
.NET Framework vs .NET Core vs .NET vs .NET Standard vs C# - YouTube

Monogame 3.8.1 will have VS2022 support (see github)